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  • How long will it take to record my book?
    It generally takes 2 hours to record 1 hour of finished audio. We record 2 x 3hour sessions a day, meaning we generally get 3 to 4 hours recorded a day, but this depends on the pace of the reader.
  • How do you work out how long my audiobook will be?
    We can roughly work out how long your audiobook will be based on the word count of your book. Roughly 9,500 words will equal 1 hour of finished audio, but this depends on the pace of your reader.
  • How much will I pay for my audiobook production?
    We quote and invoice for your audiobook based on pfh (per finished hour). see FAQ 'what is pfh?'. The pfh rate depends on which package you take with us. Each package is tailored to what production you need for your audiobook. Every client is provided with a contract, clearly stating what your package includes and how much this will cost you. We also send you recording guidelines and a pfh factshet, so you have everything written down and confirmed in writing before we start.
  • What is PFH?
    PFH = Per fininshed hour This is the final length of the edited and mastered audio. A 8 hour 47 minute audiobook would therefore be 8.78 pfh.
  • What equipment do you use?
    We use high end equipment in our studio including Neumann U87 microphones, Apollo X8 interface and SSL Preamps. Please email us at and we will be able to discuss what equipment we use and what you would like used for your project.
  • I only want my audiobook mastered and formatted ACX standards. Can you do this?
    Yes! We can provide any audiobook sevices you need. Whether that be just mastering and formatting of files, or every step including casting, we can do it for you.
  • What is ACX?
    ACX is the main audiobook platform used to distrubute your audiobook. Uploading your book through ACX will mean that it will be available to buy via the top online retailers such including; Audible, Amazon and iTunes.
  • What are ACX standards/requirements?
    These are the specifications that your audiobook music adhere to for uploading to ACX. We master and format all audiobooks to ACX standards.
  • My turnaround time is not very long, will you be able to take on my project?"
    Please message us about your project and we will endevour to meet your requirements. Here at Creative Audiobooks we are used to tight deadlines!

If your question(s) are not answered here, please email us at and we will be happy to answer them within 24hrs

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